Notes on learning math

While reading the book, I use two highlighters: orange is for import math concepts, and blue is for meta concepts about how to learn math Here's some of those highlights.

  • Learning math involves being in a constant state of no (or little) understanding. You just have to be comfortable with that.
  • "If I spend an entire day and all I do is understand this one feature of this one object that I didn't understand before, then that's a great day."
  • "Don't just read it; fight it!"
  • "Ask yourself dumb questions---and answer them!" - Terence Tao
  • "When in doubt, start slow."
  • Authors don't usually repeat definitions; make sure you understand each definition before moving on.
  • "Appeal to your inner voice, not your inner type-checker."

I've also been using Brilliant to work on my maths skills. Some lessons from this:

  • Invest in building your intuition
  • Find quick strategies for organising your thoughts
  • Simplify the problem to approach the answer

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